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    I am using cpp to write a ASP COM Obj, inside it calls a function from a C Library. Now it compiles without errors, however, after I registered the DLL (ATL), I couldn&#039t call it from my ASP, and there is no entry inside Registry either.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>thanks

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    the problem may be that the asp com is looking for a VB DLL <BR>

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    Matt Jacyno Guest

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    First off, it won&#039t matter what the component is written in - COM in a language independent architecture.<BR>Assuming you&#039re using Visual C++, did you look at your object in the OLE/COM Object Viewer? That will have all the registration information about the object, and will also allow you to change the threading model, etc.<BR>Let&#039s see, what else. Make sure your object supports IDispatch, since that&#039s the interface that ASP looks for. It should probably be a dual interface, too, since I&#039ve had trouble with objects that support only IDispatch. And you should aggregate the Free Threading Marshaller, too, although I don&#039t know if that will affect whether or not ASP can connect to the object.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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