Is there a problem with this Query? I have to ask

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Thread: Is there a problem with this Query? I have to ask

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    Default Is there a problem with this Query? I have to ask

    I have two forms switching back and forth between, collecting data. I use this hidden input below to walk a select text box down a column of data as each one is completed. It has worked fine for two weeks, but now I see data in the table is not always being read -- causing the select text box to go back to the wrong place -- <BR><BR>myCommand2=New SQLCommand("SELECT columnsname, prodid from Attributevalues WHERE attributevalues.vcode=&#039;"&session("vcode")&"&# 039; AND attributevalues.prodid = &#039;"&request.form("prodid")&"&#039; ORDER BY prodid", myConnection)<BR>myDataReader=myCommand2.ExecuteRe ader()<BR><BR>z=1<BR>while myDataReader.Read<BR>response.write ("&#060;input type=""HIDDEN"" name=""ALREADY")<BR>response.write (z)<BR>response.write (""" value=""")<BR>response.write (myDataReader.item("columnsname"))<BR>response.wri te ("""&#062;")<BR>z += 1<BR>end while<BR>myDataReader.Close<BR><BR>When I look at the hidden columns, sometimes one is not in the view source, although it is definately in the table.<BR><BR>

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    Default Wrong forum I think

    Perhaps your chances of getting an accurate answer to your problem would be to post it in the .NET forum<BR><BR>Unless you are trying to acheive this in classic ASP ?

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