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    I have got an activex com-object(an exe-file) to control a (home automation)device, wich can be connected to a serialport. Along with this Com-object came a file cmx.tlb. <BR>I want to control this device with an asp-website(by making use of this com-object), so I have to &#039;register&#039; this cmx.tlb in the ASP page, as far as I know. I thought, then i can make a call like this example: " call cmx.opencomms(portnr) " Opencomms is command for the com-object. but it didn&#039;t work. <BR>I have also made a VB-program and I did almost the same, I registered the cmx.tlb, and I was able to make a " call " to (for example) the Opencomms command. This did work fine, so It must be able to do the same in ASP. <BR>Can somebody help me?, I think, I&#039;m not the first that wants to send commands to a com-object by help of a tlb-file.<BR>I&#039;m looking forward to a response<BR><BR>Thank you in advance<BR><BR>Anton<BR>

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    Default why the multi-post?

    so the EXE is COM compliant? the tlb has nothing to do with it really, but you may want to look at &#039;running executablkes on the server&#039; at

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