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    I have made an intranet site for my company using ASP. The Data base is in Oracle server which resides in our lan. What should I do to host this site in the web so that my oracle server is still accessed by the asp pages. Is there another ways of connecting to the intranet server through modems(in this case what are the thing which I have to do). I also want to know if an internet page or server can act as a middle layer through which i can see and update my intranet web from my home or a remote place?

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    do U have a firewall installed ??<BR><BR>If I was your company MD / FD would I really want to expose my lan to the perils of internet security ???<BR><BR>U really do need to do some research into what U are asking

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    Your database server is going to need to be accessible via the Internet. You are going to need a dedicated connection, secured with a firewall of some sorts. Can&#039;t help you out with that part - it just needs to be done.<BR><BR>Then, your Internet site can use the database server at on your lan (because it&#039;s accessible from the Internet). You can write the ASP pages to do whatever you need them to do.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll want to find someone who knows how to setup LANs with Internet access. From that point, it is just a matter of setting up the ADODB connection to point out to the lan.<BR><BR>-doug

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