Okay I have finally got full text-searching working with SQL2000.<BR><BR>Now it appears to be working correctly however I am having difficulty getting to grips with FREETEXTTABLE command, and help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Now this is what I would like to do. One form field on a web page, passes over a search phrase which then want to use to search across all rows of my selected table and then return WEIGHTED results.<BR><BR>Now I have used CONTAINS etc and had fairly good results however assuming what I am reading via MSDN using FREETEXTTABLE will give me much better and fairly accurate results based on a whole search phrase entered by a user.<BR><BR>So I have my table (lets call it Account_List) containing the following rows:<BR><BR>AccountID (int,Not Null) &#060;-PrimaryKey<BR>AccountName (char(50), Null)<BR>AccountAddress1 (char(50), Null)<BR>AccountAddress2 (char(50), Null)<BR>AccountTown (char(50), Null)<BR>AccountCounty (char(50), Null)<BR>AccountPostcode (char(10), Null)<BR>AccountTelephone (nvchar(50), Null)<BR><BR>I have a populated full-text catalog for the above table containing all of the rows.<BR><BR>Now what I want to do is say for example the user inputs the phrase &#039;Argos in Milton Keynes&#039; I would like it to go an search each row and return weighted results based on that. In this case the key columns are AccountName and AccountTown.<BR><BR>Now the only example so far I have is:<BR><BR>USE Northwind<BR>SELECT FT_TBL.CategoryName, <BR> FT_TBL.Description,<BR> KEY_TBL.RANK<BR>FROM Categories AS FT_TBL INNER JOIN<BR> FREETEXTTABLE(Categories, Description, <BR> &#039;sweetest candy bread and dry meat&#039;) AS KEY_TBL<BR> ON FT_TBL.CategoryID = KEY_TBL.[KEY]<BR>GO<BR><BR>Microsoft standard example, however I don&#039;t get why I would have to do an INNER JOIN, what am I missing here?<BR><BR>I want an example of a simple string to search my database from the user input form.<BR><BR>Can anyone enlighten me :)