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    First let me say THANKS to Bill Wilkinson, Desert Ghost, Akhilesh and others on this board for responding to all my prev. queries. <BR><BR>Now I have one more issue.<BR><BR>I have one drop-down box in my asp page. It has values<BR>Full Time Employees<BR>Part Time Employees<BR>Contractors<BR><BR>I need to display the list of employees based on the selection.<BR>I have 3 additional drop-down boxes with pre-polulated data for<BR>Full Time Employees, Part Time Employees, Contractors.<BR><BR>If user selects Full Time Employees I&#039;m making Full Time Employess drop-down box visible and other 2 drop-down boxes invisible. Same logic for Part Time Employess, Contractors.<BR><BR>My problem is how to place 3 drop-down boxes at the same position<BR>on top of each other.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Well you could try and search for &#060;div&#062; or &#060;layer&#062; tags (which I&#039;m not familiar with) also look for some CSS positionning to hide/unhide your &#060;select&#062; control.

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