It would be much appreciated if someone could help me with this question. Here are three queries:<BR>1) varSql = "SELECT NodeName FROM Nodes ORDER BY NodeName ASC"<BR><BR>2) varSql = "SELECT NodeName, Interface, IntDescrip, Speed, IntIP " & _<BR> "FROM Interfaces ORDER BY NodeName ASC, Interface ASC"<BR><BR>3) varSql = "SELECT Node, Element, Description, Speed, [Int IP Address] " & _<BR> "FROM export.csv ORDER BY Node ASC, Element ASC"<BR><BR>With the first two, I open a record set to an Access DB, to a .csv file with the third. Each "Node" field has these two entries (among others): &#039;ADC-ATM-S1&#039;, &#039;ADC1&#039;. The first and third queries sort the records into the same order as I just listed them. The second query, somehow, puts ADC1 before ADC-ATM-S1. For the love of all that is good and holy: why?! The Nodes table was made from the Interfaces table, which was made from the .csv file, so I know that that the data is identical. The sorting needs to work the same for some comparison logic that I&#039;m doing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!