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    sql = "select TblLunch.lunchTimes, Users.FirstName, users.lastName "&_<BR> "from TblLunch, Users, lunchTimes "&_<BR> "where TblLunch.lunchHour = lunchTime.lunchTimeID and "&_<BR> "users.UserID = TblLunch.userID and"&_<BR> "TblLunch.LunchDate ="& lunchDate %&#062;<BR><BR>This is my SQL statment, my delima is how do i show the results from the different tables...<BR>would this work: "&#060;%=objRS("lunchTimes")%&#062;" To show the lunch times<BR>

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    that&#039;s not a joined statement. but yes, lunchTimes OUGHT to do it, if the SQL executes without error.

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