Lets say I have my web search working great using MS Indexing Services. I&#039;ve created my catalogs and I&#039;ve done multiple complex searches that returns accurate results. Then I modify my web site adding numerous pages. I test my search and lo-and-behold the results aren&#039;t found nor are any pages found. My question is why doesn&#039;t MS Indexing Services search for new pages right away?<BR><BR>I then did some research and that&#039;s where I found an article. I read and followed the example applying it to my situation. Ha! It worked perfectly. Thus, my initial additional pages really did work because I did not change any code nor did I change any settings differently than I had been advised by the article.<BR><BR>So, my next question is what is the lag time (exactly if there is one) between the actual updating of web pages, web search, and catalogs before you see the final results? I have narrowed this time down to at least 90 minutes because that was the time that I stopped updating and then tried the example. I would like a more specific answer than "it depends," but somehow I believe that that is the correct answer. Can anyone please enlighten me? Thank you again.<BR>