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    Hi All,<BR>This may not be the forum for posting this, but this is the first time I have had to upgrade SQL Server. Can anyone tell me the differences between the SQL 2000 Developer edition and the SQL 2000 Standard edition? We are hosting outside the co, so I just really need enterprise manager. I couldn&#039;t find much helpful info on the Microsoft site.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>JoKo<BR>

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    Developer Edition has more tools than the Standard Edition..(The same set as Enterprise Edition) But is limited to ten concurrent connections. <BR><BR>If all you need is Enterpise Manager for development, and you&#039;re not running a live DB server, go with Developer Edition.

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    just detach your Dev edition datebase (after updating statistics) and reattach it to Standard. I do this all the time between Dev edition and SQL Server Enterprise Edition. There are features only available in editions higher than Dev. But, if you are developing against Dev, you should have no problems when moving it to a more advanced version.

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