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    Hi everyone. Im designing a mock up sales site (clothing) for university based project. You do not have to be a user to view the information-there is no login and passwords EXCEPT, there will be a pge for the administrator only. The admin page will allow the admin to view, delete and update records, and more importantly add records (items). No user or any other person can have access to the information or get into the page and chage the details. so how would i keep the people who are not admin from not having access to those Privileges???? <BR><BR>email me at if you want to email me personally<BR>

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    are you allowed to use a password system for the admin side?<BR><BR>that would be the only way i can think of to keep ppl out, after all an admin would need a password to access that side of the site... <BR>i have some code for a very SIMPLE password system that so far has worked well if you want me to e-mail u the code ( i refuse to post it... too big) the just drop me a line at<BR><BR>good luck

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