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    I am trying to search a Customer list by name. I have a lookup form that requests either a Customer# or CustomerName then returns a match form a SQL database.<BR><BR>The # search works great and the alpha search works (I&#039m using a &#062;= and &#060; query by passing the first three letters). The problem is that I get a huge list returned and maybe the word that was entered by the user is 10 items down the list.<BR><BR>How can I structure a query (SP) to search for the entire word and if there is no match then return a list starting with the first closest?<BR><BR>Sorry for the long note! Any help would be greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Barry

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    Have you tried using the &#039Like&#039 Operator:<BR><BR>SELECT CustNo, CustName FROM Customers WHERE CustName LIKE &#039%whatever%&#039<BR>

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