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Thread: need help for a mailform.asp

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    Bernd Guest

    Default need help for a mailform.asp

    In my mailform.asp are some strings (, mail.from, etc.) and one "mail.body" where I can a message witch was insert in the html-Form. And now I need more of these mail.body strings to receive more than one information form the html-Form. How must I style this mail.body string to get more information from my html form.<BR>Thanks

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    Rupali Guest

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    You can store the string in a variable and then add the string to that.<BR><BR>e.g<BR><BR>text1= request.form("name") <BR>text1=text1+request.form("address")<BR>text1=t ext1+request.form("emailaddress")<BR><BR>mail.body =text1<BR><BR>hope this helps you.<BR><BR>bye.

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