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    I occasionally have a toughy within IIS itself . . . are you going to ever add a messageboard for that kind of stuff? Or where shoudl I post those questions? Another site that you know of? Anything would help - thanks!<BR><BR>Oh, here is my deal:<BR><BR>I have three IIS 4.0 servers. On one of them (my "TEST" machine) when an error occurs during ASP processing, the error is NOT displayed in my browser! This is very bad for my developers who think the server has just frozen on them. If I copy the page to one of my production servers, I can see the error in the browser. I know of one place where you can check "Show actual error in browser -or- Use this custom error:," but that is the same on all three servers. Very confusing for me, and worse for the porr developers trying to figure out why their code is not working! I know most error messages actually suck, but you&#039d be surprised - not having any error message is actually worse, I can verify!<BR><BR>Thanks again!

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    Ask and you shall receive! There is a new forum for IIS and PWS questions... you can get to it by clicking on the forum link in the left hand column...<BR><BR>I even took the liberty to posting your question in the new forum! Have a great day!

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