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    Kenny Jones Guest

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    I am using a NT Workstation machine with PWS. I need to get CDONTS on my machine. How do I do this? Can I just grab the CDONTS.dll of a machine with it and register it on my machine, or do I need to install some software? Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Kenny

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    Matt Jacyno Guest

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    Just registering CDONTS.dll won&#039t do you any good, I don&#039t believe. It tries to hook into the local SMTP service or Exchange Server. It normally gets installed when you install the SMTP component of IIS. But the installer doesn&#039t let you install the SMTP service under NT Workstation, so you may be stuck as far as CDONTS is concerned. If you have an SMTP server that you can hook into, though, there are free third-party ASP mail packages that let you specify what server to go to.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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    bart spedden Guest

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    You may want to check out JMail. I have been working with both cdonts and JMail and have had equal succes with both. JMail will let you specify the IP address of your SMTP server.

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