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    alf Guest

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    None of my code is working in the Session_OnEnd sub! What am I doing wrong? What is the scope of the variables in this sub??<BR><BR>

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    Mark Vick Guest

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    A. I have always been wary of the Session_OnEnd in the GLOBAL.ASA - I always thought that in never really worked (but never tested the fact, either). But, I have closed all browsers and re-opened them, only to find that my Session variables were still populated!<BR><BR>B. Also remember that if you do:<BR>Session("Joe") = "Bob"<BR>Session.Abandon<BR>Response.Write(Session ("Joe"))<BR><BR>It will print "Bob" out, because even though you Abondoned your session, it doesn&#039t actually happen until the AFTER the currect script completely finishes executing . . . this I can guarantee! I have tested it on IIS 4.0.<BR><BR>Also, if you close your browser, IIS doesn&#039t catch that fact for a little while (not sure how long - and this is a second "suspicion of mine")<BR><BR>I guess the only way to guarantee all session variables are clean is to have a logout button which calls a script that does them in manually (I have trouble with E*Trade occasionally like this - won&#039t let me see my stuff - tells me to log in, but when I try says I am already logged in and I should logout first, then try again!) Whatever - <BR><BR>Good luck!

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