hi all ,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got a problem with configuration smtp server on iis (windows 2000) .Everything was fine until I&#039;ve got virus, and <BR>on the my new machine i should set up my smtp again.<BR>I &#039;ve got so many tutorials , and i understand that is so easy ,<BR>but i&#039;m stuck . Please help me .<BR>I spesified the FQDN ( which is name of the Exchange server )<BR>I provide smart host name and I was told that it could be either server name, remote domain name ( wich is I&#039;ve created) or IP address, but it doesn&#039;t work. The message even doesn&#039;t go to the badmail directory, and there are no errors.<BR><BR>Please help me if some one can.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.<BR>Angelika