I&#039ve placed an &#060;object> tag for a combobox in the body of my html. Immediately following this object I run a server-side script which queries a sql table for records that I want to add to the combobox using the AddItem method. Tricky, since the AddItem method needs to run as a client-side script. So, I have the server-side script (where the query is done) Response.Write out a bunch of html text. The text it writes out starts with "&#060;script ..." and has "AddItem" lines and then ends up with "&#060;/script>". Thus, the server-side script writes out a client-side script. The problem is that the browser errors with "Object Required (combobox name)". <BR>Does the &#060;object> need to be added somehow? I thought that placing it in the html body would create the combobox. I even have the Codebase parm set. Any ideas why the browser doesn&#039t know the combobox exists? Thanks. Karl K.