Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m having two domains, e.g. www.mysite.com and my.mysite.com. Cookies in the domain www.mysite.com should be readable/writable in the my.mysite.com. In the www.mysite.com I run the following lines in an ASP script:<BR><BR>**Response.Cookies("TEST") = "test999"<BR>**Response.Cookies("TEST").Doma in = "mysite.com"<BR><BR>Then in the my.mysite.com I run the following lines in an ASP script:<BR><BR>**Response.Write("test: " & Request.Cookies("TEST"))<BR>**Response.Write("Co okie : " & Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_COOKIE"))<BR><BR>In my.mysite.com the cookie TEST doesn&#039t show up. Am I doing something wrong here?<BR><BR>Greets,<BR>Lawrence