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    Merry Christmas everyone!<BR>I know this itsn&#039;t the best time to ask this question, but it really bothers me for quite a while, and i need to get it solved before Christmas...<BR><BR>Just need a "Yes" or "No" answer, so hope <BR>you all will help!<BR><BR>I need to generate a statistic graph <BR>(with both Y and X axis) using ASP from the <BR>database.<BR>The graph must be drawn in MS Excel.<BR>So at the end of the day, will ASP Interact <BR>with MS Excel? Is it possible?<BR><BR>Thank you. :)

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    Never done graphs with Excel, but I know you can do this with SoftArtisan&#039;s ExcelWriter:<BR><BR><BR>Also, you might want to check out:<BR><BR>Graphing with Office Web Components<BR>

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    try generating a sample graph in xls. save this file as .html . check out the html code and replace the static data part of the html file with that of ur database (thru ASP).....should work...takes some time though

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