Hello,<BR><BR>I do have a requirement as below (All this is required to be done at the client side):<BR><BR>- There is XML Data Island in the webpage.<BR>- This XML data need to be imported into a new excel workbook.<BR>- Run the predefined macros (Present on the client machine) on the workbook<BR>- Display the workbook in the IE Browser.<BR>- User shall view the excel workbook in the browser and then saving the .xls file is left to user.<BR><BR>NOTE:<BR>- I am using ASP technology (with VBScript, JavaScript as client side scripting languages)<BR><BR>My problem is:<BR>I AM NOT ABLE TO DISPLAY THE FORMATTED EXCEL WORKBOOK IN THE BROWSER "UNLESS IT IS SAVED" IN THE CLIENT MACHINE.<BR><BR>Your quick reply with the solution would be of great help to me.<BR><BR>Awaiting your positive reply<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Patil<BR>