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    Hi<BR><BR>This question is not strictly asp, but hopefully someone has come across the same problem before.<BR><BR>My company uses a listserver software called Mailman which runs on Unix/linux. I have two mailing lists set up. I want to be able to email the listserver from my asp web page to add/edit/remove people. It appears that this is possible, although I don&#039;t seem to be able to find any documentation on it from Mailman&#039;s site, but the admin emails you get from the list server suggest this.<BR><BR>I have done this type of thing before with other list servers such as ezmlm and majordomo so I can&#039;t believe that it isn&#039;t possible with Mailman... please help!!

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    Default PLEASE USE THE INTERNET BETTER .........<BR><BR>I dont Use unix and have never heard of Mailman<BR><BR>in 2 minutes I found the above link which states that the email facility U R talking about is on the "wishlist" of the developer<BR><BR><BR>&#060;BIG&#062;&#060;STRONG&# 062;&#060;BIG&#062;&#060;STRONG&#062; QUOTE :-&#060;/BIG&#062;&#060;/STRONG&#062;&#060;/BIG&#062;&#060;/STRONG&#062;<BR><BR>Site Administration <BR><BR><BR>Allow the site admin to define list styles or themes, and list admins to choose one of the canned styles to apply to their list. <BR><BR>Full creation, deletion, renaming, etc. of lists through the web (and email?), including fixing aliases file updates. <BR><BR>add_members should have a switch to disable admin notifications <BR><BR>WHO THE HELL USES THIS FREE CRAP ANYWAY ?????????<BR><BR>

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