ok, I wrote the following script to determine whether the client´s browser supports/accepts cookies. For some reason it simply doesn´t work. It doesn´t have any effect, if I turn off cookies completely (IE5), it still seems like the cookie is set and read successfully. If I tell IE to prompt before accepting cookies and then hit "NO" when it asks me to allow it to set one, I get the same result, it seems as though cookie support would be enabled. <BR>Here´s what it does: It sets a cookie and then tries to read it. If the cookie can´t be read, it also checks whether the client´s browser supports cookies at all, and generates a response depending on those two facts.<BR>I cut out all the html here.<BR><BR>&#039&#039&#039&#039set test cookie<BR>Response.Cookies ("userinfo")("cookietest") = "set"<BR>&#039&#039&#039&#039check for test cookie; if it can´t be read...<BR>If Not Request.Cookies ("userinfo")("cookietest") = "set" Then<BR> Dim objBrowsCap<BR> Set objBrowsCap = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")<BR> &#039&#039&#039&#039if client´s browser doesn´t support cookies...<BR> If Not CBool(objBrowsCap.Cookies) Then<BR> Response.Write "sorry, no cookie support"<BR>&#039&#039&#039&#039if client´s browser does support cookies<BR> Else<BR> Response.Write "please enable cookie support"<BR> End If<BR>End If<BR>