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    Default Session On timeout ***IMPORTANT**URGENT

    Is there any way in the Session_OnEnd in Global.asa to redirect a user to login.asp. <BR>session_onend<BR>response.redirect("login.asp" )<BR>end sub<BR>how will i do if i cannot do this way.<BR>any sample codes??? better ways<BR>I want the user to relogin once the session is completed.<BR>I am setting session.timeout=30 mins in login page.<BR>after 30 mins the user is still in my application he is automatically redirected to login page then taken to what he clicks if authenicated

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    Default Session_OnEnd Notoriously unreliable

    It doesn&#039;t always fire. Most people put a single line in each page (or more likely in one include that is used across all applicable pages) that checks to see if a specific session variable is populated. If not, then response.redirect.<BR><BR>&#060;% if session("userID") = "" then response.redirect "/login.asp" %&#062;

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