Hi All,<BR><BR>This problem is related to Java script in IE 5.5.<BR><BR>I am having a problem in setting focus on the password field.<BR><BR>I am calling a Java script function in the body load event.<BR>When the form loads it calls the Java script function. <BR>I am setting the focus to the password field, Some times<BR>the focus will not be on the password field, it is bumping on <BR>to the browser and freezing the browser. When I type password it stars beeping.<BR><BR><BR>Symptoms:<BR> The focus is setting to the password field. This I know because I am calling<BR>On focus of the password field another function to change the background color of the<BR>Password field. There is one more function is called, when the password field looses the<BR>Focus, which will set the password field back to the normal color.<BR>When this problem happens the back ground color will be set to blue and <BR>Focus/ cursor is not in the password filed. It starts beeps when I try to enter password.<BR>There is no other Input fields on this page.<BR><BR><BR>If any one having any info on this pls. Let me know. You can send u r comments to this mail id<BR>Guruss@hotmail.com<BR><BR>Thanks, in advance<BR>