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    Please help me,<BR><BR>Here&#039s a form I cannot get to connect to my Database (access) to record users&#039 informations. <BR>I keep on getting the same error message saying the DB is not open to records.<BR><BR>Ideas anyone ?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot !<BR><BR>See the form at :<BR>http://www.lexpansion.com/site/base/businessSolo/asp/questionnaireBS.htm

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    Criminey! Error message not in English!?!?<BR><BR>Funny thing is, though - the error message, even in a foreign language, is exactly as helpful: zero, nada, no help at all!<BR><BR>Post the offending line 33 and also do a Response.Write on your SQL statement - it may be a missing quote on text, or something like that!

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