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    Default Please tell me why?

    Please see the code:<BR><BR>Function getjuwei(juwei as string) As String<BR> Dim myConnString="user id=czrk;password=nhhz;data source=ora98;provider=MSDAORA;"<BR> Dim mySelectQuery As String = "SELECT * FROM D_wei"<BR> Dim myConnection As New OleDbConnection(myConnString)<BR> Dim myCommand As New OleDbCommand(mySelectQuery,myConnection)<BR> myConnection.Open()<BR> Dim myReader As OleDbDataReader<BR> myReader=myCommand.ExecuteReader()<BR><BR> myConnection.close()<BR>End Function<BR><BR>The code run well,but when I chang the "SELECT * FROM D_wei" to<BR>"SELECT * FROM D_wei where bm=&#039;001&#039;",It tell me wrong!But "SELECT * FROM D_wei where bm=&#039;001&#039;" is right,I can use well<BR>in another program(the database is the same),I don&#039;t konw why!<BR><BR>Thank you!

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    Default post your error...

    Make sure you have debug = true at the top of your page like this..<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Page language="vb" debug="true" %&#062;<BR><BR>And post the error message you get. We can help you better if we know the error.

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