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    Forgive me if this really is level 1 stuff, but I&#039;m afraid that&#039;s where I&#039;m starting from. I have checked the FAQ and searched the boards but am probably not entering the right keywords. However....<BR><BR>I&#039;m building a website where the client wants to post a csv text file to the server. I&#039;d like to read thru that text file and add the data to access tables, additionaly I&#039;d like to write out to another text file that they&#039;ll pick up as confirmation that the data has been created. I&#039;ve seen the FSO tutorial and believe that will probably be part of the solution. Can somebody guide me to a tutorial or group of tutorials that will get the old grey matter going in the right direction ? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Steve

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    Default Treat text file as DB!

    You can treat a .CSV file as a database, using the JET DB engine.<BR><BR>And so you can actually ask Access to insert the entire contents of that .CSV file into an existing table *OR* create a new table from the .CSV contents...all in a single SQL statement!<BR><BR>Something on the order of:<BR><BR>INSERT INTO someTable FROM .... <BR><BR>Sorry I don&#039;t know the exact syntax, etc., but you can probably figure it out by playing with Access and reading the Access HELP info on INSERT INTO and FROM keywords.<BR><BR>

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