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    Hi, <BR>I&#039;m trying to use filesystemobject in client side javascript code and I always get the error message "Automation server can&#039;t create object". Can you help me, can you explain why is that? If you can help me, I will be very happy! <BR> AYCA

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    You can&#039;t do this. Browsers use a sandbox security model that DOES NOT allow script access to the client system. That is what this error is about. It means that you are trying to do something that the client security doesn&#039;t allow.<BR><BR>Really. In the VBScript docs, look at the first page of the FSO section. <BR><BR>I qoute:<BR><BR>Because use of the FSO on the client side raises serious security issues about providing potentially unwelcome access to a client&#039;s local file system, this documentation assumes use of the FSO object model to create scripts executed by Internet Web pages on the server side. Since the server side is used, the Internet Explorer default security settings do not allow client-side use of the FileSystemObject object. Overriding those defaults could subject a local computer to unwelcome access to the file system, which could result in total destruction of the file system&#039;s integrity, causing loss of data, or worse.<BR><BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>AP

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