Newbie to FP and ASP. <BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to start with a simple entry screen(one field, with one column in one table in a database) then displaying a (built) confirmation page. I used FP to create both the entry screen and the confirmation page, BUT no data gets displayed on the confirmation page, only the variable name displays. I&#039;ve tried quite a few different things to get this value to display(=, & parens, response.write, request.form, etc.), but no luck.<BR><BR>I am able to manually "send to other" and create an ASP page and the value gets passed, but not when FP creates it.(?) If I do this then I guess I would have to write to the database routines myself from the next asp page. Or doesn&#039;t FP handle doing both database and to a confirmation page?<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to get it to work via FP wizards? I would prefer to write the least amount myself and let FP handle what it can.<BR><BR>thanks!<BR><BR>