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    Enzo Guest

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    Hi, <BR>I&#039m new to ASP and I know you can create text files in the server side using the "opentextfile method of the FSO" so far that&#039s fine. Now, I am rewriting a Visual Basic application to a web application using ASP and VbScript, this application calculates the persentage of sales and saves the values as a text file in the user&#039s machine to be later read by the user when he/she needs them. Is there any way to do this in ASP, storing the values of the form as text files in the user machine??<BR><BR>Any information will be greatly appreciated, <BR>Thanks, =-)<BR>Enzo.

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    Ian S Guest

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    This is not in within the capabilities of ASP,<BR>but you can write the data to the server and allow<BR>the user to download that file. <BR><BR>Another way would be to write an activeX object but<BR>this would have to be downloaded and installed on <BR>the client. Java could also be used this way.<BR><BR><BR>I hope this sheads some light :-)<BR><BR>Ian S

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