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    Ok, I am a little confused on some terms...<BR><BR>When people say " Beta2" are they really saying ".Net framework SDK"? <BR>Also, is Beta2 part of the .net Visual Studio????<BR><BR>I have a Windows 2000 server and want to serve up some .aspx pages as well as my current .asp pages.<BR><BR>Is all I need on my Win 2000 server the .net SDK?<BR><BR>I have professional XP (on a separate box!) with the .net Visual Studio and will develope my .aspx pages there and copy them over to my Win 2000 server when satisfied.<BR><BR>Any advice about what a just talked about or is it pretty straight forward?<BR><BR>Thank for you help.

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    The sdk just contains a library of information to help you program .net. Examples and compilers if you dont have Its really for programming anything .net related not just Im pretty sure installs with along with the sdk as well. If you want pages to work without installing you have to install beta2. ( Its called premium edition I believe )

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