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    I have a db(approx 2 MB) in SQL 7.0 now I need to move a copy of it to the client&#039;s machine.<BR>I am going to back it up and ask the client to ftp that back up and restore it in his server. <BR>My question is ---Is this the best way to do it or are there any better ways?<BR>Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Pls help I am new to all these!!<BR>THANKS!!

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    Rather than use a backup, it might be better to<BR><BR>a) export the data to something like an Access file or (worse but still an option) an Excel spreadsheet<BR><BR>b) export the stored procedures, views, triggers etc as scripts (not sure how SQL 7 does it - haven&#039;t used it for donkeys)<BR><BR>This way, you will have a greater control over the contents of the database.

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