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    Can a datagrid consist of a number of columns for which output into the table cells depends upon the calculation from a number of other fields in the table? That is, can I show the result of a calculation depending upon the result of a comparison between two date fields in the dataset? <BR><BR>That is, if the date is within certain parameters, show the calculation. If it is not within that date period, then do not show the calculation.<BR><BR>Any assistance would be appreciated as I cannot locate any of the information in the technical specs.

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    Some idea something like this<BR><BR><BR>&#060;asp:TextBox id="CALDATE1" text=&#039;&#060;%# SHOWDATECAL(Container.DataItem("FIRSTDTFIELD"),Con tainer.DataItem("SECONDDTFIELD")) %&#062;&#039;<BR> Width="45" Runat="Server"&#062;<BR>&#060;/asp:TextBox&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Function SHOWDATECAL(mvFIRST,mvSECOND)<BR>&#039;------------------------------------<BR>Dim mvDIFFDATE as integer<BR><BR>mvDIFFDATE = mvFIRST - mvSECOND &#039; check out syntax for date difference ?<BR><BR>If mvDIFFDATE &#062; 6 THen<BR> Return (mvDIFFDATE & " Days")<BR>Else<BR> Return "0 Days"<BR>End if

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