I have been working on a site using ASP2.0 and using Dreamweaver with a Access Database. <BR><BR>everythiong was working fine for the last three weeks, i have 5 tables and about 30 asp pages all working. some for inputing info some for displaying info. <BR><BR>Then today i went to up date a recordset and got this message[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Management] Driver&#039;s SQL setconnectionAttr Failed<BR> and now it isn&#039;t showing any tables in the database.<BR><BR>i have check the connection and tested it and it says the DSN is working but it wont display any of the tables. <BR><BR>i have checked the database and there are no errors i have check the server and everything is as it should be. i have even removed the DSN all together and put it back to no avail.<BR><BR>an suggestions on how to sort this out.<BR>