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    Jerry F Guest

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    I&#039m trying to figure out how I should store a bunch of articles for retrieval. I would like to present a list of titles and then dynamically draw the article page with contents from the database. Should I store the bulk of the article (100-500 words), which may include links and a hrefs in a memo field or in a separate .inc file?<BR>Thanks...

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    Mark Vick Guest

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    Hmmm, good one - I would have to say that I would use a database for "title" and "HTML pagename" only, then store each article as an HTML file.<BR><BR>You could try the MEMO field (if using Access) but I have had very little luck with it. Here is a hint: it seems that when you use a memo field with a recordset, you have to get the recordset and save the memo to a local variable right away. Get it our of the recordset immediately. Then read the recordset again to get the other fields out of it. Often times the recordset just seems to lose the memo field data. The memo field has given me so much trouble that I have not successfully implemented Memos yet (I use two 255 character strings and concatenate them all over the place - pain).

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