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    Amit Jain Guest

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    This is the error message I&#039m getting:<BR><BR>Provider error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>Unspecified error <BR>/dbreader/general.asp, line 12<BR><BR>No normally I get an 80004005 if there&#039s a database access error, but I&#039ve never gotten the error message "Unspecified error" before, and I&#039m not sure how to go about handling it. I&#039m using Interdev 6, so my DataConnection string is coming from an Application variable instead of a Session variable. Would that have any bearing on this? TIA<BR>

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    Amit Jain Guest

    Default Additional Information

    I&#039m using Access as the DB with an ODBC connection to the DB on my harddrive.

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