Can .ASP file itself be kept in some form of encri

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Thread: Can .ASP file itself be kept in some form of encri

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    Default Can .ASP file itself be kept in some form of encri

    We have rented a space on Web Server on which we are keeping ASP program files. These can be seen by the people working for hosting Service providers. Can these be kept in encripted form so that we could protect our intellectual property better ?

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    Technically, yeah...<BR><BR>You can use the Windows Script Encoder, which will allow ASP pages to be encrypted so long as they are served from IIS 5 (may also work with 4, dunno). If you&#039;re on Cobalt/Unix/Linux/something else then you may have problems.<BR><BR>Although there&#039;s not really much point - the Script Encoder&#039;s crackable, so anyone who has any real interest in finding what your scripts do from their company will be able to.<BR><BR>I know it&#039;s a big step, but if you&#039;re developing applications which are worth protecting the intellectual property for, isn&#039;t it worth having your own server and connectivity, so that you can protect it completely?<BR><BR>The only other way would be to compile the code into a DLL, at which point it&#039;s virtually impossible for the hosting company to reverse engineer the code.<BR><BR>Craig.

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