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    Carl Moore Guest

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    I am using ASP along with COM components developed in VB. A component that we are calling from within one of our ASP pages is causing the browser to timeout. We are using IE5 as our browser. We have streamlined the COM as much as possible, but no matter what we do if the data that the COM is manipulating on the back end is extensive, the browser times out. Is there a way to send interval responses to the browser to keep it from doing this or is it as simple as an option on the browser that we can change to keep it from timing out.

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    besharah Guest

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    If your component is taking too long to do its job you can increase the amount of time your webpages will wait for it in two places. In the configuration of the Virtual directory in IIS you can increase the timeout property there, or at the top of the asp page with Session.timeout = 10000.<BR>

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