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Thread: mailing with the mailport closed

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    I need to send mail with the webserver, but we've closed the smtp port. I can send mail to any address local to our network and have access to a mailserver. Is there a way to send email through another mailserver (another computer) ?

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    I don&#039;t know if you use Exchange but one of our guys sent me this information which may be of use. I haven&#039;t tried it yet so I can&#039;t tell you any more than this.<BR>************************************<BR>U sing the Pickup directory for message delivery<BR>An alternative method of sending mail is to compose a message in a word-processing program, save it as a text file, and copy it to the Pickup directory. Microsoft SMTP Service moves it to the Queue directory immediately and processes it for delivery.<BR>You can include mail envelope information in the text file, but it is not required. The "x-sender" header identifies the sender. The "x-receiver" header identifies a single recipient. If you want to include multiple recipients, add an "x-receiver" header for each recipient. The headers must appear first in the text file, with the "x-sender" header listed first. There must also be a carriage return/line feed (CRLF) before the body of the message is typed. Press ENTER or RETURN to add an extra line before typing the text of the message. Add another blank line after the text and Microsoft SMTP Service will insert the necessary formatting at the end of the file. A sample text file with envelope header information is shown below.<BR>x-sender:<BR>x-receiver:<BR>From:<BR>To:<BR>Subject: Hello from John<BR><BR>Hello. <BR>Note <BR>For best performance, compose the message in a directory other than the Pickup directory, and then copy and paste it to the Pickup directory. If you write the message while in the Pickup directory, Microsoft SMTP Service continually attempts to pick up the file and process it. If the file is open, it cannot be processed. <BR>

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