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    Is there a MS SQL Server 2000 for dummies? I'm not a programmer, I just need to set up a simple, slightly "relational" database and be able to edit it on a MS SQL Server 2000 where the host provider offers zero support beyond the server. Is there some software or resource that will handle the basics without requiring a huge a priori body of SQL, RDMS or other similar knowledge? To make matters worse, a software that will run on a Mac? Okay, that's too much to ask. Just a resource then, evern a book, that will talk me through SQL 2000 commands? All help greatly appreciated.

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    Well,<BR><BR> I am a Newbie, and dont take what I say too seriously, but Enterprise Manager 2000 From Microsoft is the program *i think* you are looking for. I dont know if its made for the Mac platform or not tho. Try searching Microsofts sire for more answers.

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    Default Do you have....

    MS Access? Becuase if you do...(Access 2000 or newer) you can use that to easily connect to, and work with your SQL Server DB.<BR><BR><BR>And for a good book, look at Wrox&#039;s Beginning SQL Server 2000, and see if it&#039;s what you need.

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