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    Default Some more ADOX problems

    Andrew, thanks for your response on my previous problem. I&#039;m using Access.<BR>Set objFirstTable=Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Table")<BR >objFirstTable.Name="Patients_" & id<BR>objFirstTable.Columns.Append "Patient_ID", adInteger<BR>objFirstTable.Columns.Append "First", adVarWChar, 25<BR>objFirstTable.Columns.Append "dtFirst", adDBDate<BR>objFirstTable.Keys.Append "PK_Patient", 1, "Patient_ID"<BR>objADOXDatabase.Tables.Append objFirstTable<BR><BR>Error message: Type is invalid<BR>The error pointed at objADOXDatabase.Tables.Append<BR>The database was successfully created but no table was created.

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    Default Ugh. If I were you...

    I&#039;d dump ADOX for table creation, and use SQL instead. ADOX is great for some things, (like DB creation) but for tables, SQL is just plain simpler.<BR><BR>I.E.: CREATE TABLE Patients (Patient_ID Integer, First TEXT (25), dtFirst DATETIME)<BR><BR>So on and so forth. Much easier. (In my mind at least)

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