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    About once every 30 minutes or so, I get the following message from my server: "HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected", and I have to restart my computer so I can start coding again. I'm very close to throwing my computer out the window ;-). I've made sure to close all my recordsets and my connection, and I don't use any sessions so I don't know what could be the problem. The pages I'm working on are dependant of a form so I'm submitting that form quite a lot when experimenting. Could that be it? I wouldn't think this would be a problem when I'm only running my IIS locally and just experimenting.

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    Default A minor help...

    I dunno why you are getting that message, but at least I can help you avoid restarting your computer.<BR><BR>You can shut down IIS via the "SERVICES" Control Panel. Look for "IIS Admin Service" and ask to stop it. It will probably tell you it has to also stop one or two other services. Allow it to do so.<BR><BR>Now you should be able to restart IIS without shutting down the entire computer.<BR><BR>This is just a stopgap until you get some better answer.<BR><BR>

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