It&#039;s been done before I&#039;m sure, Im just a buffon who can&#039;t figure this out. <BR><BR>I have this function that takes in a str. It&#039;s supposed to find all the matches for HREF&#039;s (links) and print them out. Simple? Maybe you can help. It seems it iterates through the right amount of matches, however, I haven&#039;t a clue why it only gives me "undefined" not the match text.<BR><BR>function GetHREF(STR)<BR> {<BR> var Pattern = /href="([^"]*)"/igm;<BR> <BR> var MatchArray = Pattern.exec(STR);<BR> if(MatchArray)<BR> { <BR> var e = new Enumerator(MatchArray);*** <BR> for(var i = 0; !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext(), i++)<BR> {<BR> var x = e.item();<BR> Response.Write("[" +i+"] " + x.value + "BR");<BR> }<BR> }<BR>}<BR>//end function GetHREF()<BR><BR><BR>My Results<BR>[0] undefined<BR>[1] undefined<BR>[2] undefined<BR>[3] undefined<BR>[4] undefined<BR><BR>Please Help, Please, oh pretty please<BR>Arty<BR><BR>