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    Can I install the aspemail component on a windows 98 machine running personal web server..Do I need a smtp mail server or does pws take care of that ... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated..

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    The ASP message board offers several sections. This one is for questions that are not obvious from reading the ASP reference...<BR>Your question could possibly have received faster and better answer if posted on the general Q&A forum which is very active !<BR>Please consider that option in the future...<BR><BR>Now the answer to your question (provided your are using serverobjects aspemail) is well documented on their web site. The major avantage of this component is that you DO NOT NEED the SMTP server<BR>Simply use the "remote host" property to designate your current ISP . your mails will be routed through your provider by your e-mail software (outlook,...)<BR><BR>So it is much easier to use than you may think. Good luck!

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