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    I need to create an message board application similar to aspmessageboard, I am maintaining a Parent ID field and using the same in a recursive function, to identify the nodes under for ID. The funcionality works fine, but I am stuck when I try to align it as in aspmessageboard, I am unable to assign the images properly according to the nodes ....<BR><BR>Any suggestiongs please !!!

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    Add a "IndentID"-parameter to the function, something like this:<BR><BR>Function Recurse(ParentID, IndentID)<BR> &#039;Code...<BR> If bNeedToRecurse Then Recurse(AnotherID, IndentID+1)<BR> &#039;Code...<BR> Response.Write "&#060;img src=""images/spacer.gif"" width=""&#060;%= IndentID * 10 %&#062;"" height=1 border=0&#062;&#060;img src=""images/youricon.gif"" .... etc...<BR>End Function<BR><BR>&#039;Start the function<BR>Recurse(RootID, 1)<BR><BR>The IndentID-value can be used to indent images (by using a transparent 1x1 gif before the actual image). But you could also use inline-styles (CSS) for that matter... You get the point.<BR><BR>Hth

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