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    Default Exception occurred. ---?

    the line is this:<BR><BR>if Request.QueryString("wrid") = recordSet("ID") then<BR><BR>the "wrid" querystring is a number, and so is the record "ID" (obviously). I get the error "Exception occured" Gosh do i love IIS and its descriptive error messages.<BR><BR>Any ideas as to why this is a problem? thanx

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    Default One thing that I would suggest....

    Would be trying to convert the QueryString value to the same DataType as the ID field in the DB.<BR><BR>IE, if the field is a Long Integer,<BR><BR>if CLng(Request.QueryString("wrid")) = recordSet("ID") then<BR><BR><BR>Not much to go on I know, but with what I see...It&#039;s all that I can suggest.<BR><BR><BR>

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