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    Someone on my team came up to me with a question:<BR><BR>"When someone sends an email to, it sends a copy of the email (it will be an email with some &#039;update&#039; information) to an ASP list (DB? or maybe Text File?) visible on a webpage.*When a person visits the site, they see the list, (they have the emails in their inbox, but a list of the subject lines are on the page) pick the &#039;updates&#039; to do, and then check them off to delete them."<BR><BR>Is this at all possible? I was thinking about it, and I think this has to somehow be done via Exchange server or whatever mail server software that person is using. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default EMail not relevant, is it?

    The *real* question is "When a certain EVENT happens, how can I set up a site so that a person logging in is notified of that EVENT?"<BR><BR>Does it really matter whether the event is EMail or something else? I can&#039;t see how.<BR><BR>SO...<BR><BR>At the same time that you send the email, add a record to a DB table. The records can use either a userID (of the email addressee) or even the email address itself as a field in the table.<BR><BR>The user logs in, you pick up his/her userID/email address/whatever from the "users" table in the DB and display all the records in the "Events" table that match.<BR><BR>NOW....<BR><BR>WHY???<BR><BR>If they open their email inbox, don&#039;t they see the same things???<BR><BR>Or is the primary purpose to be sure that the user acknowledges the Event and does something about it?<BR><BR>

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