Hi there,<BR>I am trying to create a website with following specs:<BR>- different levels of access to asp files on the site.<BR>- users will be using both Netscape/IE. (have to use Basic Authenication in IIS)<BR><BR>I&#039d rather not have to use a create a new database when I have the SAM database and NTFS file permissions at my disposal. I was thinking if i could use the SAM database to authenicate and then have the default.asp check permissions to certain asp files to check it&#039s level of accessibility and then redirect to the appropiate asp file.<BR>Is this feasible?<BR><BR>Problems encountered:<BR>1. When using basic authenication in IIS, everyone (except administrators) has their username and password rejected. Yet the files&#039 permissions (including sharing) are set to everyone with full control!<BR>2. Is there a way in asp/vbscript to check permissions against a file? How do you check to see if a file can be opened or not (without jumping to an error page)?