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    I am creating a page that takes a file with input paramaters and move it to a subdirectory that contains an .exe file. I then want to launch this exe file which takes the input file and then creates an output file based on the variables in the input file. My problem is that I have no idea How to launch the exe file from a remote client. Do I create an object for the exe and then pass paramater to it to launch it how would I go about this I have no idea where to even start looking. Thanks in advance for any help that you might be able to give me. --Zane

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    You can execute some .exe file on the server (I assume here you own the server)through an ASP file provided that:<BR>1/ the asp file is run on the server and you are calling it with the proper authorization set.<BR>2/ you have lowered (ideally only for the time of excecution) your protections<BR><BR>I do it all the time to compress html files with AbsoluteHTMLCompressor which has a command line mode. I use ASPexec component.<BR>the asp page that lauches the process is in a protected folder to that can run the asp as the administrator (not only anonymous user). I guess here you could do other wise, but it may be safer to set some kind of protection.<BR>Also I need to let the www service interact with the desktop before I use it; which I carefully make sure to desable after use as it is a security hole<BR><BR>I would like to mention the #exec feature: here it is recommended that you adjust the SSIenablecmddirective to 1 in the registry. It is of course highly recommended to set it back to 0 to avoid the security issues.<BR><BR>It ain&#039;t easy but doable. Others may have a different opinion though...

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